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Requirements for citizenship and naturalization in the U.S. can be very complex, requiring the help of an experienced immigration lawyer. If your goal is to become a lawful permanent resident or naturalized citizen, then you need a skilled immigration attorney guiding you through the process and helping you reach your goals.

Since 1986, I have been representing immigrants and permanent residents as they pursue citizenship and naturalization. It has always been my goal to protect the rights of immigrants and their families as they pursue their dreams. You can trust me to provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel and act tenaciously to safeguard your rights.

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Personalized Service to Meet Your Immigration Needs

When you visit my firm in Santa Rosa, I will work directly with you to pursue your immigration-related goals. I work closely with my clients. You can trust me to clearly explain all your options as you explore your citizenship and naturalization options.

Do You Have Any Outstanding Criminal Issues?

As you strive to become a citizen, you may be worried about whether or not a past criminal conviction or something on your record could throw a wrench into the process. A criminal conviction could prevent you from becoming a citizen, but it may be possible to go back and eliminate any hindrances to becoming a naturalized citizen.

Also, you may have something on your criminal record that won’t necessarily stop you from becoming a citizen, but will still hurt you in the eyes of the courts. I can help you prove to the judge that you have been rehabilitated and should be allowed to naturalize and become a citizen.

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