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Nobody should have to stay with an abusive spouse in order to stay in the country they love. If you are being abused or have been the victim of another crime, you do have options for staying in the U.S. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you.

At my firm in Santa Rosa, I have been helping the victims of crimes seek green cards and citizenship for nearly 25 years. I aggressively fight for the rights of my clients, and you can trust me to provide you with the personalized service and skilled representation you deserve.

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Are You a Victim?

If you have suffered domestic violence at the hands of a spouse who is a permanent resident or citizen, I can help you file for lawful permanent residence (also known as a green card) or citizenship. It is inhumane to expect someone to take that kind of abuse in order to protect your status and I will fight aggressively to secure the freedom you need through the law known as the Violence Against Women Act [VAWA].

Additionally, if you have been the victim of a crime and assisted in the prosecution or investigation of a criminal, you may be able to obtain non-immigrant status and become a permanent resident. Your parents and minor brothers and sister may also benefit from this program called the U-Visa. If this is your situation, call or e-mail me to discuss the circumstances of your case.

Get the Help You Deserve

Whether you have suffered from spousal abuse, or been a crime victim and assisted in putting away a criminal, you deserve a chance to move down the path to citizenship on your own, free from your past.

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